What to Do If You Have Chapped Lips

Cold weather is upon us and that only means one thing: chapped lips. Known to be quite the uncomfortable feeling, chapped lips can be quite painful if you happen to have braces or any other dental work. Although you should use lip balm (and other lip ointments) in moderation, here are some better ways to cure those chapped lips: 

Use a Humidifier

One of the simplest tricks to curing dry lips is to use a humidifier. Known to put moisture back into the air, these water-based device will be the perfect way to keep your lips (and skin) from drying out in the winter — especially if you sleep with the heat on, or take hot showers.

Stay Hydrated

Another trick to keeping your lips moisturized is to stay hydrated with water. Many times, those with dry lips and skin tend not to drink water frequently — which ceases moisture production. If you’re looking to cease the dryness, put down the soda and pick up a bottle of water. Not only will this be better for your teeth, but it will also help keep you (and your skin) hydrated!

Use a Natural Balm

Still feel the need to use lip balm? Before you purchase another tube, give coconut oil a try! This natural remedy is the perfect alternative because it not only moisturize your lips, but it won’t build a dependency like traditional lip balm! Additionally, coconut oil will leave your lips feeling soft and moisturized for a while — it’s the perfect product!

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