3 Types of Dental Floss You Should Use

Fact: there is more than one type of dental floss on the market. That’s right — one of the biggest staples of oral hygiene comes in a variety of different materials/finishes to give you the healthiest, brightest smile on the planet! If you’re looking to floss your teeth and don’t know which type to use, here are a few options we recommend:

Fairfield - October 27, 2017Floss 1: Waxed Floss

Known as the most traditional dental floss, this oral hygiene staple has been around since the earliest days of dentistry. Unlike its cousin (unwaxed floss), this waxy counterpart makes for the strongest bond floss — and will be less likely to break or slip when you’re using it. In addition: waxed floss is quite simple to use, since the wax creates a grip-like texture when you’re holding it.

Floss 2: Unwaxed Floss

Holding a reputation for being the most famous of the flosses, unwaxed floss is composed of nylon yarn and is known to get into every tight space between teeth. Although waxed floss is the stronger version of this floss — the string is bulkier and not as thing as unwaxed floss. If you’re looking to get into every nook and cranny, then this will be the perfect floss for your pearly whites!

Floss 3: Super Floss

Have you recently acquired braces or dental implants? If so, super floss will be the perfect choice for you! Unlike traditional dental floss, this majestic dental floss is stiffer and can easily adapt to any surface it encounters. In addition to being quite durable, super floss also comes in a waxed and unwaxed portion, if you have a dental floss preference! Super floss really is super — and will be very beneficial to use!

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