The Truth About Flossing

Man and women check teeth

The American Dental Association and most dentists have been touting the benefits of dental flossing for decades. Studies show that flossing helps to promote good dental and oral health. However, some people do not floss their teeth consistently, or ever. They claim it is tedious, inconvenient, or time-consuming. But flossing only needs a minute or two of your time to make a huge contribution to your overall health.

Breath Control

By removing food particles stuck between your teeth and under the gum line, you can get rid of decaying organisms. If these are left in place, they will begin to produce bad breath as they break down.

Reduced Gum Inflammation

Not flossing your teeth allows oral debris to build up below the gum line. This can lead to swollen, painful gums that bleed during brushing or subsequent flossing. Regular flossing can help to keep this from happening.

Fewer Cavities And Tooth Loss Prevention

Teeth and gums that are impacted by food, tobacco, or other substances can cause dental decay and gum inflammation, which often leads to tooth decay or eventual tooth loss. Flossing removes the irritants, thus keeping gums a healthy environment for teeth to remain free of decay and cavities.

Healthier Organs

Saliva is an effective pre-digestive treatment for food and other substances that enter the body through the mouth. However, it also facilitates the circulation of these substances that are left in the mouth through saliva’s natural flow that can carry oral debris through your circulatory system to body organs. There they can build up over time and cause inflammation or problems in other areas of the body.


Flossing is inexpensive and can be done privately at home or in a public restroom. It takes just a minute or so, and the results make most people feel better about themselves.

Few personal grooming habits are as easy, fast, and effective as dental flossing. Ask your dentist for recommended products or flossing tips to make the most of this important hygiene aid.