4 Complications That Can Arise If You Ignore A Cavity

Mirror under tooth

A cavity is considered a significant dental problem, and ignoring it is not recommended, no matter how harmless it looks. A cavity is not always easy to notice. Some are invisible to the naked eye, some have zero side effects or symptoms, and some are a combination of the two. If you have the misconception that the cavity is harmless and will not get any worse, here are four problems that can occur if you ignore a cavity.

1. More Tooth Decay

A cavity is the result of tooth decay. If you ignore this decay, the cavity grows larger. The decaying tooth may turn brown or black; pain can increase and makes it more difficult to eat or function normally.

2. Tooth Infection

Tooth decay eventually leads to an infection. The bacteria reaches the pulp of the tooth and kills off the living cells. If enough damage is caused and it’s caught in time, your dentist will most likely recommend a root canal procedure. Dentists use a root canal treatment to fix severe tooth decay. Minimal pain and swelling are two common symptoms after the procedure.

3. Tooth Extraction

If a root canal is not advised, the tooth may be dead. The only solution left is an extraction. Extracting the tooth leaves a gap in the teeth that may show if the mouth opens. If you’re self-conscious about the visible gap, the next step is to get a dental implant.

4. Gum Disease

An infected tooth may infect the gums and lead to gum disease. The gums become sensitive and can swell up or even bleed when you brush. A dentist has to assist with cleaning the teeth and gums. In the worst infections, the dentist has to perform invasive periodontal surgery.

A cavity in your tooth is not the same as a dent in a car. A cavity can worsen after a few weeks or days of poor dental care. It can get bigger and hold more bacteria that eventually leads to a serious tooth infection. Do not ignore a cavity by forgetting that it’s linked to good dental health. Contact our office at Fairfield Dental Arts when it’s time for a dental cleaning or filling! We can help keep your mouth in it’s best shape.