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Dentures Are Out, Dental Implants Are In

Dentures are a thing of the past. The latest advancement in dental hygiene is dental implants. They are gaining popularity because they offer a more permanent solution to dentures. Forget the messy, chemical laden adhesives that dentures require and consider dental implants. Dental implants are meant to look, feel and act like natural teeth. Dental …

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Brush Up on Your Dental Hygiene Routine

Brush ‘Em, Brush ‘Em, Brush ‘EmBrush your teeth 2-3 times a day. Ideally, you should brush them after every meal. Frequent brushing can reduce the amount of plaque on your teeth and bacteria in your mouth. After brushing, always rinse off your toothbrush with hot water. Oh The Flossy, FlossyWhile it is imperative to brush …

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