Why Your Heart Health Matters

fairfield dental artsIt is World Heart Day! Today, we remind everyone how important it is to do all you can to reduce your risk of heart disease and stroke. And while, unfortunately, cardiovascular disease remains the world’s number one killer, there are still things you can do to fuel your heart health like eating healthier, getting plenty of exercise and — caring for your teeth!

Many people don’t realize that there is a connection between oral health and heart disease. In fact, your oral health can be a good warning sign for heart health. For example, people who have gum disease also share many other risk factors with people who have heart disease. It’s important to reduce your risk by quitting smoking, managing your weight, controlling your blood pressure and staying active.

There are also researchers (not yet proven) out there connecting that the same bacteria that cause periodontal disease can travel through your bloodstream and lead to blood clots, and heart disease. While oral health is not the key to preventing heart disease (there are many other things you need to do to keep your heart healthy), taking good care of your teeth and gums can help keep you and your heart healthy.

If you are due for a dental cleaning, give our office a call! We are here to keep your teeth beautiful and healthy, and as a result, help keep your heart healthy, too! Visit our website to learn more about or services or give us a call directly to schedule an appointment at Fairfield Dental Arts.