Why Do My Teeth Hurt More At Night?

Man in bed winces as his teeth hurt

No one wants to deal with the discomfort of a toothache at the end of a long work day. But did you know that evening toothaches are actually quite common? Here are a few of the most common reasons why your teeth might be hurting more at night.

Why Teeth Hurt More At Night:

  • You’re grinding your teeth. If you wake up with a dull headache and sore jaw, you might be clenching your jaw at night — a condition known as bruxism, or TMJ. Because this happens while you are sleeping, many people don’t realize that they grind their teeth!
  • You’re snacking late at night. Do you tend to snack before bed? Sugary foods can make your teeth feel sensitive and sore. Make sure that you are brushing your teeth before bed!
  • You have a cavity. One of the most common reasons why people experience tooth pain is that they have a cavity. When bacteria wears away at your tooth enamel, your tooth is more sensitive.
  • You’re more relaxed. When you down to unwind at night, you may notice things that you were too busy to notice throughout the day — like a sore tooth. When we are less distracted, you may be more prone to notice some discomfort.

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