Why Are My Teeth Sensitive?

Man feeling toothache while brushing teeth

For those of us with sensitive teeth, there is little doubt about how unbearable it can be. The professional term for tooth sensitivity is known as, “dentin hypersensitivity”, and this occurs when dentin (the inner layer of enamel) is exposed. Eating a great deal of citrus and other sweet and sour foods is what generally triggers this pain.

Receding Gums

The first culprit is that of receding gums. This occurs because of poor cleaning habits where excessive amounts of pressure is applied. Gum tissue is degraded surrounding the teeth which exposes the roots. If it’s not due to poor cleaning habits then it’s likely unhygienic practices which enable the buildup of plaque. The plaque quickly turns into tartar which attracts bacteria which can lead to gingivitis and periodontal disease, and of course, receding gums.

Fractured or Decaying

Your teeth will also be unhappy if they are fractured or undergoing decay. If your oral hygiene is poor then your teeth will become weak and can chip. These fractures and cracks invite tarter and bacteria, which will create inflammation in the tissue and gums, creating sensitivity. If you don’t brush well and develop cavities then you will have damaged enamel and exposed dentin, and lots of sensitivity.

Mouthwash and Whitening Products

You may be surprised to know that some mouthwash and tooth whitening products can be the culprit. Many of these store-bought mouthwashes are full of acidic ingredients that erode tooth enamel. You must also avoid tooth whitening products that contain high amounts of baking soda and peroxide which are abrasive and create sensitivity as well.

Old Age

Sometimes the culprit is simply old age. With time our bodies become weaker and less resilient. Specifically, we’re talking about the strength of the bones in our bodies which includes teeth. Gums also naturally recede with old age.

Overall, one must be diligent in developing proper oral care habits in order to prevent, minimize, or even reverse tooth sensitivity. We need to take care by purchasing the right products that are easy on our teeth and gums. Having a good toothbrush, flossing regularly, and avoiding acidic and other harsh foods will lead to strong happy teeth.

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