The Anatomy of a Mouth

side by side of persons tongue showing Lingual arteries

The human mouth is quite an interesting adornment to the front of our faces, but it has a myriad of components that make it quite complex despite its simple facade. However, it is good to be familiar with the anatomy of a mouth so that you will be able to notice any problems and maintain a good degree of health. In fact, many sometimes consider the mouth as the key to all good health overall. At Fairfield Dental Arts we certainly take pride in being able to help you with any issues and to keep your mouth looking good.

The structure is complex, but it starts with the mouth cavity that is divided into the oral cavity proper and the vestibule. This is also the beginning of the alimentary canal, also known as the gastrointestinal tract, which is where food is consumed and works its way through as it is digested. The outer portion between the teeth, lips, and gums is the vestibule.

Then, the alveolar process is the hard ridge of bone that holds the teeth in their sockets and is the front border of the oral cavity proper. In the back, near the throat, it is bordered by the isthmus of the fauces which is where the uvula is located. On the roof of the mouth, there is the hard and soft palate in the front and back respectively. The floor then has the tongue and some other mylohyoid muscles that help with processing food as well as talking and other natural activities.

The mucous membrane of the mouth helps to keep things moist as is generally required for comfort. The teeth are separated into the maxillary and mandibular divisions. Maxillary denotes the upper ones while mandibular is for the lower, and they are both attached to portions of the trigeminal nerve. This gives them the feeling and such so that any irregularities might be noticed due to pain sensations, and it helps to keep everything in functional order. The lips denote the outside of the mouth, and they represent the transition from the inside mucous membrane to the external skin of the human body.

Overall, the human mouth is an excellent representation of how the species has evolved and developed over the years. Be sure to get regular checkups by the dental experts so that you can maintain a healthy lifestyle without the discomfort that some overlooked issues might cause. More information can be found at Fairfield Dental Arts here.