Tips To Help You Smile More!

Happy friends holding each other and smiling

It’s no secret that those who smile a lot tend to be happier and healthier! Just a simple smile can make you instantly feel happy and less stressed. So, incorporating more smiling into your daily routine can only lead to positives.

Here are some tips to help you smile more to improve your overall health and happiness:

Practice Your Smile

If you’re looking to add more smiles to your day, feeling confident makes the difference. If you take some time to look in a mirror and see how great you look when you smile, you’re sure to feel great and want to show off your beautiful smile all day long.

Set Reminders

Simply reminding yourself to smile will do the trick! To help, put notes with a smiley face around your home, workspace, or other places you frequent so that when you see it, you are reminded to smile. You can also set reminders on your phone!

Smile Every Time You Think About It

Whenever the thought of smiling pops into your head, do it! You’ll be sure to incorporate more smiles into your day if every time you think about your teeth or mouth, you let out a smile, even if you’re alone.

Have Moments of Gratitude

Taking time out of your day to simply appreciate life and all that it offers is a great excuse to smile and feel happy. Thinking about the things around you that make you smile will help you keep those smiles coming at any moment.

Get a Teeth Cleaning

Schedule a cleaning with your dentist to help those teeth really shine! If you know your teeth look and feel clean, you’ll want to show them off more, and the smile will naturally follow.  

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