The Brushing Game

Kids should practice good dental habits from an early age. This sets the stage for long term oral hygiene and also prevents future complications. However, most kids could care less about brushing their teeth. This has forced parents to get creative when it comes to instilling good oral hygiene in their kids. It’s no secret that kids love games. Parents have finally cracked the code and understand that kids are more willing to brush their teeth if there is a game or reward involved. Brushing is no longer a boring chore to do before bed. Now it’s a game; the brushing game! That’s something kids will respond positively to.

Gold Stars for Brushing
The brushing game is played by creating an oral health chart. Each time a child brushes their teeth, they get to put a star sticker on the chart. When a child reaches a certain amount of stars, they will receive a prize. Children love prizes even more than they love playing games! Kids will be motivated to brush their teeth frequently and correctly when there is a hierarchy of prizes. They will quickly learn that having more stickers means better prizes. For example, 10 stars gets them a healthy snack, 50 stars gets them a toy at the store and 100 stars gets them a fun outdoor activity. This teaches kids that brushing is one of their most important responsibilities. It also instills the notion that brushing teeth can be a rewarding experience. Years of good dental hygiene will definitely pay off in the long run.

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