Teething Tips

Teething, like taxes, is an inevitable fate that everyone faces. Teething is the process in which teeth begin to emerge through the gums. Usually, teething can happen at three months old to a year old. No matter when it happens, it is painful for babies to endure and even more painful for parents to watch.

Lessening the Pain

The symptoms of teething are excessive drooling, bump lines on the gums, and last but not least, chewing and biting. Teething can last for a few years. It is important to make sure babies are as comfortable as possible during this time, since teething can be so unpleasant. Babies who are teething love to bite and suck on anything they can get their little hands on because it is soothing to them. Pacifiers and teething rings are very popular for babies who are teething. Cleaning baby teeth is extremely important because they are very susceptible to bacteria and erosion. Baby teeth can be kept clean by wiping them with a piece of wet gauze.

Parental Guidance
Parents should strongly discourage using pacifiers and teething rings after the age of 4. Teething after this age can disrupt the natural formation of teeth. Thumb-sucking should never be encouraged by parents because it can lead to the formation of crooked teeth. It is imperative for parents to realize the importance of their babies’ oral hygiene and how dental health and overall health are connected.

Image courtesy of www.pixabay.com