The Best and Worst Halloween Candy For Your Teeth

Boy in skeleton costume holding bowl full of candies

We all deserve to indulge in some sweets for Halloween, but the bacteria in your mouth is looking forward to all that candy way more than you. Your mouth bacteria feeds off of leftover food pieces, and candy is a sure favorite. As they feed, acid is produced, which leads to cavities, plaque buildup, and potentially periodontitis.  

If you’re looking to better protect your oral health this Halloween, here’s what candy to stay away from and what you can snack on:

Candies to Avoid

Caramels, Taffy, and Other Chewy Candies

Candy-filled caramel or taffy’s that are very chewy are by far the worst candies for your teeth. Inside your mouth, they stick to everything, including the grooves of your teeth and under your gums. When food stays stuck in your mouth, the more time bacteria have to feed on it and produce cavity-causing acid.  

Hard Candies

Lollipops, jawbreakers, and other candies you have to suck on and then bite are also bad for your oral health. They take time to dissolve, meaning more acid builds up in your mouth, and plaque develops.

Candies to Enjoy


Who doesn’t love some chocolate? Luckily, it isn’t so bad for your teeth. Chocolate, without sticky fillings, typically won’t stick to your teeth and will be easy to chew and swallow, minimizing bacteria growth.  

Sugar-Free Gum

If you’re looking for something to chew, opt for some gum of the sugar-free variety. The natural sugar substitutes used in sugar-free gum don’t leave a sticky residue that plaque builds from, making it the ideal sweet choice.  

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