Taking Care of Your Braces When It Comes To Food

Woman with braces eats pizzia

Have you been wearing braces? If yes, how do you ensure you always provide exceptional care to your teeth? The following are some of the essential things that you’ll need to know.

Avoid Consuming Hard Foods

Hard foods like carrots, pretzels, apples,  and candies can be problematic for your braces. They have the potential to cause bands or wires to snap. When it comes to some of the harder healthier foods, we don’t want you to abstain just because of your braces. Try chopping them into small pieces before eating. Cooking or steaming can also help soften them in texture.

Regularly Brush your Teeth

With braces, you need to brush your teeth more than twice a day. Food particles are easily trapped within the wiring. If they are not properly cleaned it could lead to cavities or even destroy your braces. To avoid this scenario, we recommend brushing your teeth after every meal.

Rinse your Mouth with Clean Water

Swishing water inside your mouth is an extremely effective way of removing any food particles that may be stuck. It is advisable you perform this procedure before and after brushing just in case anything is left over that could erode the enamel.

Remember, it is your job to ensure your teeth clean and in good shape while out of the office. If you need further assistance or help cleaning with braces, contact us!