How To Pick The Best Toothbrush

A woman putting toothpaste in her toothbrush

A proper toothbrush is one of the essentials of your oral healthcare tool kit! With so many different ones stocking the shelves, it may be challenging to find one that suits you and your mouth best. But don’t worry; we’re here to help you!

These steps are here to guide you through picking the perfect toothbrush to help you ensure a clean and healthy mouth:

Step 1: Decide on Manual or Electric

Both manual and electric toothbrushes work well as long as you use fluoride toothpaste, but you may be best off with an electric toothbrush if:

  • You have limited manual dexterity
  • You tend to brush too hard and too vigorously
  • You need to ensure you brush for a long enough time
  • Your dentist recommends one to help you brush more frequently and better

Step 2: Look For ADA Approval

The American Dental Association seal ensures that experts have approved that the toothbrush is safe and effective, so be sure that what you select has this approval on the packaging!

Step 3: Look at the Bristles

Most dentists recommend using a toothbrush with soft bristles, especially when it comes to safely removing plaque and debris. Medium and hard bristles may be too harsh and damage your gums and enamel over time.

Step 4: Choose The Brush Head Size

Small-headed toothbrushes are better at reaching all areas of your mouth, including those hard-to-reach teeth in the back. Large-headed toothbrushes can cover more surface area quicker and help ensure the teeth are all completely clean.

Step 5: Choose The Brush Handle Shape

You may require an angled brush, non-slip grip, a flexible-neck handle, or another specification to help you brush efficiently. 

As always, listen to your dentist and ask them for guidance when choosing the best toothbrush for you and your mouth!

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