What to Expect After a Root Canal

Woman in dental chair at dentistAre you in need of a root canal? This common dental treatment is used to restore tooth health when the pulp (the nerves and nutrients inside of your tooth) are infected. While most patients dread root canals, this procedure actually results in minimal discomfort.

Nervous for your appointment? Here’s what you can expect after our root canal.

What to Expect:

  • There will be some tenderness – It’s normal to feel some tenderness after your root canal treatment, as your body starts to adjust and heal.
  • You can brush as you normally would – Be sure to brush and floss your teeth regularly, starting immediately after your root canal. Good oral health care is essential to maintaining the the health of your tooth after your root canal procedure and ensuring that you don’t run into another problem down the line.
  • Don’t eat anything until the numbness wears off – You don’t want to end up accidentally biting your cheek! You also want to make sure that you do not chew or bite on the treated tooth until you have it restored.

At Fairfield Dental Arts, we offer endodontic dental care, also known as root canal therapy.  If you are experiencing any inflamed tooth pulp, tooth decay, chipped teeth, swelling or tenderness, please contact our office for an evaluation. We can help you determine whether or not a root canal is the right choice for your smile health. Give a call at 203-254-3780 to schedule an appointment.

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