Why You Shouldn’t Use WebMD

It’s easy to type your symptoms into Google and diagnose yourself online. But is it something that you should actually do? It might be easier to check the Internet than to go through the hassle of an appointment, but it could lead to misdiagnosis. The wrong choice can put your health in danger.

Searching Browsing Internet

Dangers of Diagnosing Yourself

The use of Internet information to diagnose yourself is dangerous. Dentists have training and education the average person does not when it comes to making a diagnosis. There are aspects of oral problems that only dental professionals are aware of and understand. There are symptoms such as abscess, gum disease, decay, or a fracture that only a professional can identify the problem they are associated with. An examination is required to find the cause.


Information will not always be consistent between sites on the Internet which can put you in danger. Information on forums can be inaccurate since it comes from individuals and not professionals. Biases make using blog posts and articles dangerous even if they look legitimate.


People will often believe that they suffer from a disease they found on the internet because of the information they find. Signs of common illnesses can be exaggerated in your mind and make you believe that you are sicker than you really are. This worry can be avoided by a visit to the dentist or doctor for a thorough exam, diagnosis, and treatment.

Objective Diagnosis

The risk of misdiagnosis when you diagnose yourself can lead you to treat yourself with home remedies and the wrong medication because all of the facts are not present. Professional help is more reliable than Google. The internet should be used to acquire additional information after diagnosis and not as a diagnostic tool.

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