What Is A Dental Crown?

fairfield dental artsTooth decay? Broken tooth? Don’t worry — there are many different restorative dental options out there for you to choose from. With proper treatment, you can restore the natural health and beauty of your smile. One of the most popular and common restorative dental solutions is called a “dental crown.” Below, we’ll learn more about what a dental crown can do for your smile.

What is a dental crown?

This tooth-shaped cap is placed directly over your natural tooth. It is used to restore the shape, size and strength of your natural smile. It provides coverage, support and restores the natural look, feel and function of your smile.

When are dental crowns used?

Dental crowns are used to protect weak teeth that are suffering from severe tooth decay, to restore broken teeth or teeth that have been worn down over time, to cover a tooth after it has been given a large filling, to hold dental bridges in place, to cover dental implants, and to cosmetically improve the appearance of teeth.

If you run into any problems at all with your smile health and you think that you may benefit from a dental crown, reach out to our office. Here at Fairfield Dental Arts, we are highly skilled in providing patients with the care they need to restore the natural health and beauty of their smiles.

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