What Do You Do When You Chip a Tooth?

3 teeth with the middle tooth chipped

Our teeth are one of the strongest bones in our bodies — but sometimes accidents happen. If you find yourself with a chipped tooth, don’t worry. There are several ways to restore your tooth and the beauty of your natural smile with simple cosmetic dental procedures.

What to Do When You Chip Your Tooth:

First and foremost, you need to schedule a dental appointment — you can’t fix a chipped tooth at home.  Additionally, it is important to have a dentist determine the reason why your tooth chipped. If it is due to tooth decay or a cavity, you will need a filling.

How to Fix Your Chipped Tooth:

There are a few different ways to fix a chipped tooth, depending on the severity of your chip. Below are a few of the most common ways.

  • Polish It – If your chip is very small, your dentist may suggest that we polish the chip out. This will smooth out the sharp, chipped area.
  • Bonding – Cosmetic bonding is used to reshape the structure of your tooth. It can be used to smooth out gaps, cracks, and chips. This is particularly common with chips that occur on your two front teeth.
  • Onlays & Crowns – If you have chipped or cracked the chewing surface of your teeth, you may need an onlay or crown to restore the tooth structure.
  • Root Canals – If your tooth has a serious break that has reached the root of your tooth, you may need a root canal to restore the health and structure of your tooth.

If you have chipped your tooth, or you are experiencing any other dental problems, do not hesitate to reach out to our office. We are here to help you with all of your smile needs. Call 203-254-3780 to schedule an office visit today!

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