We Can Put A Smile On Your Face

At Fairfield Dental Arts, we offer services for everyone in your family. Infants should have their first appointment after they are a year old. By this time, the primary teeth have been formed. Our dentists can proactively detect and prevent any future issues that may arise. It is perfectly normal for infants to experience teething. Pacifiers and teething rings can be used until the age of 4 to relieve sore gums that teething induces. However, thumb-sucking is frowned upon because it can lead to abnormalities, such as crowding.

Women have specific needs when it comes to dental hygiene. Oral health is affected by the physical and hormonal changes that women experience. During a hormonal surge, legions, dry sockets, and swollen gums are common. Trust Fairfield Dental Arts to ease the pain and improve your oral health when these problems occur.

Seniors are starting to reject the notion that growing older means getting dentures. Since oral health is directly linked to overall health, healthy seniors should keep their natural teeth. Recent advances in technology, such as ergonomic toothbrushes, have allowed seniors with arthritis to maintain dental hygiene. No matter your age, we have something for everyone to smile about.

Image courtesy of stockimages, via FreeDigitalPhotos.net