October is National Orthodontic Health Month

October is National Orthodontic Health Month! It may seem ironic; as many associate October with Halloween candy. Nonetheless, there will be plenty of trick-or-treaters who are undergoing orthodontic treatment. Sweet treats can cause havoc for little ones with braces.

Flossing and brushing are even more crucial on Halloween. When children consume an excessive amount of candy and sugar, they are at a higher risk for developing cavities. If your children have braces, remind them that there are some candies they should steer clear of. Abstain from eating sticky, crunchy or chewy treats. Caramel, taffy and bubblegum are notorious for getting stuck in braces. In some cases, candy can cause the wires to become loose or even break. Biting into that caramel apple is not worth breaking a bracket.

Don’t despair–there are some confectionery treats that are braces-friendly! Stick to candies that melt in your mouth; as plain chocolate or peanut butter cups. Candies that are not crunchy, sticky or chewy are usually fine to eat, as long as you brush and floss your teeth afterwards. From all of us here at Fairfield Dental Arts, we wish you a safe and happy Halloween!

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Image courtesy of sparkorthodontics.com