How to Throw a Tooth-Friendly Memorial Day BBQ

dentist in fairfield ct | fairfield dental artsMemorial Day weekend is here! This weekend, many of us will be relaxing, spending time with friends and family, and importantly — turning on the BBQ for the first grill of the season. If you plan on throwing a Memorial Day party this weekend, here are a few tips that you’ll want to keep in mind — your teeth will thank you!

Tooth-Friendly BBQ Tips:

Remember to drink water.

When spending time outside, rushing between preparing the barbecue and entertaining friends and family — you might forget to drink water. Memorial Day weekend tends to be the unofficial start to summer, so it may be warmer than usually outside. Stay hydrated!

Serve up a cheese platter.

Serve everyone’s favorite snack at your outdoor BBQ — cheese! Not only is this an easy appetizer to put together, but cheese is full of calcium that is good for your teeth.

Fill up on crunchy vegetables.

We know hamburgers and hot dogs are a BBQ staple, but crunchy vegetables like cucumbers and celery are a great way to brush harmful bacteria off of your teeth in between meals.

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