Dental Myths Debunked

There are a lot of myths that surround dentistry and oral health. We are here to help you discern fact from fiction.  Below are some of the most common myths regarding dental hygiene.

Myth #1: Children Are The Most At Risk For Cavities
Kids love candy that is filled with unhealthy amounts of sugar. It is no wonder why children do get cavities. However, they are not the only ones at risk. Seniors also get their fair share of cavities, due to medicines that dry out the mouth.

Myth #2: Putting Aspirin Directly On A Tooth Soothes A Toothache
This is a myth. Under no circumstances should you use aspirin on the aching tooth or on the gum. For temporary pain relief, acetaminophen is recommended.

Myth #3: Sensitivity In Teeth Indicates Tooth Decay
Cavities can be sensitive to cold and sweet foods. However, sensitivity is not a clear indication that you have a cavity. Other factors could be causing the sensitivity. 

We hope that this helped to clear the air about dental health. If you still have some burning questions, turn to Fairfield Dental Arts. We are a comprehensive dental practice located in Fairfield, CT. Our practice does everything from cosmetic dentistry to orthodontics. Call 203-254-3780 today to schedule an appointment.

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