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Spring Forward With These Dental Health Tips

Spring is in full swing! That can only mean one thing–people are starting to make spring cleaning checklists. Most of the time, people limit their checklists to household chores. Do you need to clean up your dental health routine? Find out what you can do this season to get your pearly whites in tip top shape. 
  • If you haven’t scheduled your first dental appointment of 2016, now is the time to do it! A dental cleaning will help you spring forward.
  • It is no secret that smoking is bad for your overall health, as well as your dental health. Smokers should do their best to kick the habit.
  • The weather is finally starting to get warmer. When the weather is nice, exercise outdoors. After all, physical activity is good for your dental health.
  • Make sure that you are brushing your teeth with a toothpaste that contains fluoride. It is also a good idea to drink fluoridated water.
  • Most people know that they should brush their teeth twice a day. However, you should also floss and use a mouthwash rinse once a day. 
Is a dental cleaning on your spring cleaning to-do list? If so, turn to Fairfield Dental Arts! We are a leading comprehensive dental practice in Fairfield County. We can provide preventative dental care to your entire family. Call 203-254-3780 to request an appointment. 
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Dental Health Tips For Children

National Children’s Dental Health Month is almost over. At Fairfield Dental Arts, we realize how important it is to teach young children about their dental health. Below are some dental health tips that children can incorporate into their daily routine.
Brushing Tips
  • Give your children a toothpaste that contains fluoride. 
  • Remind your children to brush their teeth in the morning and again before bedtime. 
  • Children who are 3 or younger should have a rice-sized amount of toothpaste.
  • Children between the ages of 3 and 6 should have a pea-sized amount of toothpaste.
  • They should never swallow toothpaste. Instead, they should spit it out and rinse with water.
Flossing Tips
  • Children can begin flossing around the age of 4. 
  • Flossing once a day can help remove plaque from teeth. 
Dietary Tips
  • Make sure your children are drinking enough fluoridated water throughout the day.
  • Encourage your children to eat a well-balanced diet. It will only strengthen their teeth.
  • Stay away from foods that are sugary. After all, sugar can linger on teeth and cause cavities. 
We hope that the tips above help. Looking for a more permanent solution for your child’s dental health? Make sure your children visit the dentist at least twice a year.  Fairfield Dental Arts can provide comprehensive dental services for your entire family. Call 203-254-3780 to request an appointment. 
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New Year’s Resolutions for a Healthier Smile

It’s that time of year again–time to make new years resolutions! This year, we encourage you to make resolutions that pertain to your dental health. Not sure what you need to do to maintain a healthier smile? Below are some tooth friendly resolutions for 2016.
  • Go to the dentist at least twice a year. A dental cleaning can remove the plaque that is lingering between your teeth. Best of all, your dentist will be able to address dental issues and nip them in the bud.
  • Most people brush their teeth twice a day. However, many people forget or choose not to floss. It is important to floss your teeth once a day. Doing so can remove pieces of food that get stuck between your teeth.
  • Smoking is detrimental to your overall health as well as your dental health. According to the CDC, smoking cigarettes doubles your risk for gum disease. If you are a smoker, now is the time to quit.
  • Some people say that they have a sweet tooth. This is no excuse for loading up on sweets. Cutting back on the amount of sugar in your diet can decrease the likelihood of tooth decay.
  • Many people vow to eat healthier in the new year. Consider eating foods that are good for your overall health as well as your dental health. Dairy products that are rich in calcium can strengthen your teeth.
Is 2016 the year you get pearly whites in better shape? If so, turn to Fairfield Dental Arts. We look forward to helping you achieve and maintain optimal oral health, proper dental function, and an aesthetically pleasing smile. To schedule a cleaning at Fairfield Dental Arts, call 203-254-3780.
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Caring For Your Teeth With Braces

October is National Orthodontic Health Month!  In honor of this important observance, below are some tips on how to care for your braces.

Dental Hygiene Routine

  • Brush your teeth twice a day for two minutes. Food particles are easily trapped within the wiring. If they are not properly cleaned it could lead to cavities or even destroy your braces. To avoid this scenario, we recommend brushing your teeth after every meal.
  • Floss once a day. It is important to your to get underneath the wires.
  • Use a small wire brush to remove excess plaque from your teeth.
  • Don’t forget to use mouthwash once a day!

Eating and Drinking with Braces

  • Stay away from foods that are hard, sticky or crunchy. When it comes to some of the harder healthier foods, we don’t want you to abstain just because of your braces. Try chopping them into small pieces before eating. Cooking or steaming can also help soften them in texture.
  • You should not chew gum with braces on. After all, it could easily get stuck in the wires!
  • Do your best to avoid food that is loaded with sugar.
  • It is also a good idea to avoid drinks that can stain your teeth.

Braces can help you feel proud of your smile again. If you are interested in getting braces, turn to Fairfield Dental Arts. Dr. Iaropoli is fully trained to handle comprehensive orthodontics for the entire family. Whether you need correction of cross-bite or crowding, Dr. Iaropoli can handle all of your orthodontic needs. Call 203-254-3780 today to request an appointment and learn more about our orthodontic treatments in Fairfield, CT!

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​How To Prepare For Your Next Dental Visit

Do you prepare for your visits to the dentist? If not, you are probably not making the most of them. Below are some ways to prepare for a dentist appointment.

Write a List of Questions or Concerns

Before you go to the dentist, jot down any questions and concerns you have about your pearly whites. You should bring up any dental problems you are having, such as pain, sensitivity, frequent mouth sores and grinding your teeth.

Make Sure Your Medical History is Up-To-Date
Did you know that certain health conditions can also impact your dental health? It’s true. That is why it is important to make sure that you update your medical history prior to your dental visit. In addition, let your dentist know what vitamins, medications and supplements you are taking.

Ask Your Dentist How You Can Improve Your Dental Health
It is important to ask your dentist what you can do to improve your dental health. They will be able to give you pointers on how to brush and floss more efficiently. After all, they are the experts!

If you are looking for a comprehensive dental practice in Fairfield, turn to Fairfield Dental Arts. We are confident that Fairfield Dental Arts is the perfect dental practice for you and your family. We have caring and gentle dental hygienists who will help you prevent dental problems with regular cleanings. Call 203-254-3780 to schedule an appointment.

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Signs You Need To Visit The Dentist More Often

Many people only visit the dentist twice a year. While this is the standard recommendation, there are some who should visit the dentist more often. Below are some indications that you should see the dentist more often.

  • Cold or hot foods make your teeth hurt.
  • You have recently become pregnant.
  • There is a persistent bad taste in your mouth.
  • You are not pleased with the way your teeth look.
  • Your gums are puffy or bleed when flossing.
  • You are experiencing pain in your mouth.
  • It is difficult to swallow or chew food.
  • You are a smoker.
  • There are problems with your jaw.
  • You have a medical condition such as diabetes or heart disease.
  • A sore in your mouth is not going away.
  • You are going through a medical procedure, such as chemotherapy or radiation.
  • Gum disease or tooth decay runs in your family.
  • You have crowns, dental implants, dentures or fillings.

If you are looking for a comprehensive dental practice in Fairfield, turn to Fairfield Dental Arts. We pride ourselves on the quality services we provide, including preventive care for the whole family, orthodontics, crowns, bridges, porcelain veneers and dental implants. Call  203-254-3780 to schedule an appointment.

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Dental Tips for Travelers

It is no secret that the summer is one of the hottest (pun intended) travel time of the year. Are you going away on a vacation this summer? If so, just remember that you shouldn’t take a vacation from your dental routine. Below are some important dental tips for jet setters.

Opt for Travel-Sized Oral Hygiene Products
Tired of lugging around a large container of toothbrush? It doesn’t have to be this way. Just buy some portable oral hygiene products prior to your trip.

Store Oral Hygiene Products Properly
Before you pack what you need, remember to clean your toothbrush case. It is
also important to store your toothbrush properly. Remember to leave
enough room for air circulation.

Remember That You Are What You Eat
Some people see vacations as an opportunity to indulge in everything; including food. However, remember the expression “everything in moderation” while you are on holiday.  What you eat has a direct impact on your dental health. Cut down on the amount of sweets you eat each day.

Want to get your pearly whites in tip top shape before a vacation? You’ve come to the right place! At Fairfield Dental Arts, our dentists are extensively trained, highly skilled and experienced in cosmetic dentistry, using the most modern techniques and technology to help you achieve a beautiful smile. Call 203-254-3780 to learn more about our services.

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How To Get Picture-Perfect Teeth for Special Occasions

The summer is a busy time of year for everyone. It is a time of year for attending prom, weddings and other outdoor parties. If you want your teeth to look pearly white in all of your photos, follow the suggestions below.

  1. Brush – Make sure you brush your teeth for two minutes, twice a day. Use a fluoride based toothpaste and a soft bristle toothbrush. An electronic toothbrush will also get the job done.
  2.  Floss – It is imperative that you floss at least once a day. Be sure to get in between teeth–especially the teeth in the back of your mouth. Many people forget about this important step. Flossing picks up where brushing left off. Flossing can also help prevent cavities.
  3. Rinse – It is no secret that bacteria lives inside your mouth. Incorporating a mouthwash into your daily dental routine can reduce amount of bacteria. Best of all, a fluoride mouthwash can reduce the risk for cavities. It’s a win-win situation!

Looking for a permanent way to beautify your smile? Turn to Fairfield Dental Arts! Our dentists are highly skilled and experienced in cosmetic dentistry. We use the most modern techniques and technology to help you achieve a beautiful and healthy smile. Call 203-254-3780 to schedule an appointment for a consultation.

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